TUTORIAL   April 5, 2018

How to install pix4dcapture onto yuneec h520

Step-by-step instruction to install Ctrl+Yuneec on ST16S Ground Station

Pix4Dcapture is now available on the H520 ST16S ground station controller. Pix4D is a premier software application that creates professional, georeferenced maps and models from drone imagery, giving users the ability to map flight plans and set customized mapping parameters.

Please follow the steps below to download Pix4Dcapture onto your ST16S ground station.

Step 1 To install Ctrl+Yuneec app on your ST16S device, make sure you are connected to the internet and tap on Play Store icon.

Step 2 Search for 'Ctrl+Yuneec'

Step 3 Select the App and tap on Install.

Step 4 When you see this page, select Accept.

Step 5 Once the App gets installed, tap on Open.

Step 6 Now, the app should be displayed on your ST16S. Tap on Open Pix4Dcapture, to install Pix4Dcapture app.

Step 7 Select install to download and open Pix4Dcapture app on your device.

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